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Radik Tyulyush

Traditional music will always be appreciated by people as something inviolable, sacred, such as the need to maintain any means. It goes through the decades and despite the time remain relevant and versatile.

Tuvan singer and musician Radik Tyulyush began his career with the rock ("UER", from 1993 - present, "Yat-kha", 2000-2004) but craving for ethnic roots and traditions prevailed and in 2005 together with Carole Pegg in England (University of Cambridge) Radik recorded his debut album "Tuva: Spirits of my Land", after which he was invited by the world-renowned group "Huun-Huur-Tu" and works with this group so far.
New stage in Radik's career will be solo album "Chalama" which will be released in late 2012- beginning 2013. "Chalama" - colored ribbons that tie up the branches of the tree in a sacred place called "ovaa" as a sign of reverence for the universe, the grandeur, beauty, wisdom, nature - everything that we are happy to behold around us. Music written by Radik - like ribbons in the branches of the World Tree of Music and Harmony.

Album "Chalama" include Radik's own compositions and traditional Tuvan songs arranged by him.


Saint Petersburg, Russia
Opa! unites musicians from different parts of the huge area of the former USSR, who once met in Saint Petersburg, multicultural capital of Russia. Their music expresses freedom and euphoria of post-soviet spirit and ancient enigma of Russian Soul. Openhearted shows, multilingual lyrics of Opa! and their willingness to give it all to the audience make this wild positive folk remarkable and understandable for everybody.


Lu Niu itOkashi MaYiKA

Known by name Luana Silense as an artist since 1999, or to be more exact better known since 2002 when my work became quite popular as wallpapers since I entered wallpapers.ru and DeviantArt. Now many of those pictures scattered around in various artwork collections and even stolen by countless websites.

In 2010 I discovered many amazing Visionary artists all over the World and was pround to get connected with them even through web, I do hope to meet with them someday:-) for they're my Cosmic family for sure..

I was dreaming to play music since early childhood. I was also interested in recording nature sounds, in early years I did it with old giant tape recorder, I was walking with it through the forest and recorded frogs singing in flooded meadows in spring and various birds:-) unfortunately I can't find those records now..

Now I publish my music and sound experiments under the name Lu Niu itOkashi MaYiKA. I decided it had to be some different name, not the one I was popular with as visual artist.

Lu Niu - is my Chinese name I chose at calligraphy lesson at Pustye Holmy (Hollow Hills) festival in 2011.

In itOkashi - there are two words combined - ito okashi - that was my favourite song from experimental U2 album published as Passengers. If you read the translation of the song you'd understand why I chose it as a part of my name:-)

MaYiKA - came to me in 2016 in the day before the Day out of Time by Mayan calendar. It was Red Solar Earth day. We were at Seidjavvr - saami sacred lake - for the first time. I went to sunny and windy 'balcony' - the sightseeing hi place over small mineral lake inside the forest. I came there to sing with my ukulele. I found some new chords I could use in a new song, and then sand with them spontaneously in Universal language. This was the last word of the song. It came byitself very alive. And I understood that was MY name! I was born in May 13 - very Mayan date:-)) My mother said she wanted to give me the name Maya, but she was afraid other children would mock at me and call Mayka (which means 'shirt' in Russian). I told her I wouldn't care. So in the end I've found it was really my name! Now I add it to the tracks with Universal singing:-)

There are also two of my favourite sound projects I play in - RumbiafffRAktALL and Pesni Drevnego Lesa (I will publish some of our selected music here)

Markscheider Kunst

Latin ska, cumbia-jazz, reggae and afrobeat influences in Russian

Theodor Bastard

Saint Petersburg, Russia
The history of the band begins in 1996 when Fedor Svolotch took interest in noise music experiments. Later other musicians joined the band, and there was their future vocalist Yana Veva among them. In 2004 THEODOR BASTARD recorded and released their sixth album "Pustota" which became the turning point in the history of the band. The album instantly became famous among various listeners in Russia as well as in foreign countries. A year later "Pustota" was released in three more countries. In this work Fedor managed to find a successful combination of electronic beats and ethnic instruments. And Yana Veva, who has rare vocal timbre, performed the main vocal parts using specific singing techniques which referred the listeners either to oriental musical tradition, or to Balkan and Russian folklore.

Every following album of THEODOR BASTARD was released in its own specific style: the album "Sueta" was compiled of the live records made on the European tour, the album "Beloe" reflected Fedor and Yana's ardour for the Slavic mythology and Russian folk, and the last single "Tapahula" has shown new interests of the band: the culture of Mesoamerica and rhythms of Africa. But along with that, along with breaking stylistic and conceptual limits, THEODOR BASTARD has always been true to themselves and known for their sound and approach.
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